Is it celebrity fatigue? Is it boredom with presidential aspirants? Are you convinced that Russian operatives caused the Trailblazers to tank in four?

Well, I have no answer to any of the above queries. What I can tell you is that there appears a stunning photo of Kelsey Glasser in the May/June Tasting Panel surrounded by my prose. The story is about wine pairing dinners at Arden in the Pearl at Portland. Very fine local food and wine program.

May was long on travel. The decoding crew spent a week in Napa Valley scoping the next book about the Stags Leap District. Oregon wine wizard Doc Wilson, Dr. Mark Lindau, and y.t. convinced Spitbucket’s Amber LeBeau to be a millennial palate on the trek through 15 wineries on the Silverado Trail. Thanks to Nancy Bialek and Ashley Teplin for getting this voyage launched.

We also hooked up with Rutherford Dust, and its new association director Sarah Soergel and two winemakers. Stops at Bialle and Tulocay warmed our sober intervals with more wine.

The rest of the Oregon Wine month actually looked at Beaver state wines, especially in the lower Willamette Valley, which is topographically up. Look for articles in OWP and California Homes Magazine in coming months.

Thanks to Russ Hayworth and Julia Crowley for the great tasting in Coburg. Wizard and I appeared on KPNW for the wine show, hosted by JC, but I have yet to hear from Flo Ziegfield as to whether we made the chorus. Still radio and wine go together in Eugene.

PS: Thanks, Russ Weiss, for use of the hall.