Front cover of Oregon Wine Country Stories by Ken Friedenreich

Oregon Wine Country Stories

Peel me a grape, demands one great caberet song.
How, though, to decode a grape?
That’s another story…

In fact it is a lot of stories, and they’re told — at least some of them — in Kenneth Friedenreich’s new, often funny, and information packed book, Oregon Wine Country Stories: Decoding the Grape


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Sketch-style picture of Ken Friedenreich

Ken Friedenreich


Kenneth Friedenreich has resided in the four corners of the continental USA with a four-year stint near the bottom of nowhere in San Antonio, Texas. There he launched a ten-year university career and also was “underground gourmet” for a city magazine as well as a producer on Austin-based PBS for a restaurant segment he called “Going into the Kitchen with Gun and Camera.”

A New York native who published studies of English Renaissance drama and verse, he supplemented his meager stipend by working in the wine and spirits industry and began a more than forty-year run as a freelance editor and writer. He also worked in television news for most of the 1990s, building the television network for a twenty-four-hour cable news channel. There he conceived and co-produced a run of restaurant advertorials, helping to further blur the line between facts and impressions. He has worked in many industries as corporate communications factotum as well as continuing editorial and writing duties. He enjoys writing music and sailing boats in good weather. He is presently wine editor for California Homes Magazine. His motto is “la vida breve—drink the good wine today.” Asked sotto voce occasionally what it’s like to live in this world half blind, he says: “To know that, you have to walk in my shoes. But I can’t find them.